A real prayer 


I had the most amazing experience this morning. I have always prayed, but I have never felt it be very meaningful. A lot of times, OK most of the time, I find myself praying without really thinking about it. I thank God for certain blessings and help in my life. I ask for help with things and I pray for other people. But it has always kind of been me thinking about what I’m praying about instead of thinking about having a conversation with my Father. 
This morning was different. I don’t know what changed and what made me realize that I could have been praying a more personal way all these years. 

  Every 2 hours I have a notification show up on my phone to remind me of the things I want to keep in mind. Things like “keep Christ at the center of your life “and “hugs and kisses” and “only love” and “did you think to pray?”

This morning when my “did you think to pray?” notification came up, I was in the kitchen with a counter full of corn that I had picked and was getting ready to freeze. I was in the middle of listening to a really great podcast from the power of moms radio and I didn’t really want to stop everything I was doing, but I knew if I didn’t say my prayers right then, the day would escape and I wouldn’t get to it. So I paused my podcast and put down my knife and went into my room.

Now let me just tell you how amazing my prayer was! And I know prayers are personal, so this is kind of a strange post, but hopefully it can help someone out there who might be in the same boat I was in.

Instead of just doing the routine and saying my usual things, I really thought about where my prayer was going. I wasn’t thinking about the things I was praying for, I was thinking about talking to my Father and praying to my Father. I pictured him sitting and really listening to me. He didn’t talk back and I didn’t get any sort of grand revelation or anything, but I knew he was there listening. It was really cool to picture in my mind what I was really doing. We all know that he is listening when we say prayers, but are we really present in the moment and thinking exactly about what we are doing? It made it so much more personal. I was really talking with my Father and thanking him for the things that mean so much to me and really asking for what I wanted his help with. 

Not only that, I pictured in my mind how it would work. For example, I asked him to help Buddy to be able to focus at school today and not get distracted. So I pictured how that would work: God sending the Holy Ghost to be with Buddy today and help him stay focused. 

Prayer is amazing! God listens to us. I don’t think our prayers go to some voicemail and God listens to them when he’s ready or anything like that. I think he is present in that moment listening to us as we are talking to him. My goal is to be more present in the moment when I am praying.

It’s pretty embarrassing that I have these aha moments at this stage in my life, because I feel like I should have known it already. But how awesome is it that no matter how old we are, we can still learning and grow?!


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