❤️ Carry On, Warrior ❤️


Carry On, Warrior is my most favorite book. Every time I read it I feel closer to God, I feel more love for my fellow men, I feel more grounded and have a greater desire to live more simply. I am reminded that people are generally good and need to be loved. I am reminded how important it is to be a good person. I am reminded that every person is a child of God and deserves to be treated as such.

I love how this author is real. She tells it like it is. She empowers people to be good people. She was a drug, alcohol and food addict for 20 years. She was arrested more than a few times. But she didn’t let that ruin her life. She has done amazing things since she’s gotten sober.

I love reading her work. She is so real and raw and funny and humble. I recommend this book to everyone. It is a must read!

Here are some of my favorite parts:

Be gentle with yourself-

Be real- 

Embrace God and people-

Life is hard-  

Sometimes we escape-

God is always there-

We put on a happy face-

On suicide-

You can’t escape you-

God’s daily invitation-

No one is perfect-

Be real-



Be a good listner-

Make today somebody else’s lucky day-

Be a good friend-


Grief is not something to be fixed-

Everyone is ok-

Peace is finding God-


Just write-

Be simple. Be sophisticated-

Get out there-

God is in control- 

Children are mirrors-

Don’t judge-

Treat everyone with respect-

Everybody’s in-

Different is ok-


You are ok-  

Parenthood and God are forever tries-

On death-

Every child is gifted-

He’s preparing us for heaven-

School is just one part of life-

Be a better person-

Children of God-

Be confident-

Let them in- 

Same side-

Turn the other cheek-

Only love-

Love His children-

Happiness is smiling at you-  

And my favorite quotes:

This book grounds me and brings me back to reality when I start to have negative feelings towards others. It reminds me that it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

“Everybody’s in, baby.” We are all children of God and that makes everyone lovable.

Carry On, Warrior!

Find the book here


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