Hippie Oils


I am a hippie for several reasons. I’m from Oregon, I hate to wear shoes, I hate doing my hair, I don’t own a pencil skirt, high heels or lipstick, I don’t make my boys wear shirts, I am quite often bra-less and I use DoTerra Essential Oils. I affectionately call them my “hippie oils.”

When I tried my first oil (I don’t remember what the ailment was) and it didn’t work, I just assumed it was a bunch of hippie hogwash. My family and friends have been using oils for years so I couldn’t understand why people I loved and trusted swore by them. But then I tried one another time and it worked! I was doing it wrong the first time. You are supposed to use a little bit of oil more often than a lot of oil less often.

Now I’m a firm believer in some of the ones I have used. Check this out:

  • Pink Eye – Lavendar on the eyebrows cleared up the boys’ pink eye right away.
  • Tooth ache – Clove stopped the pain.
  • Wart – Buddy had a giant wart on the side of his foot. For several weeks we put freeze-off on it and nothing happened. Then we started putting Oregano oil on it. Two weeks later it was completely gone.
  • Snotty nose – “DigestZen” is a blend that helps digestion issues, but it is also a snot eater. It cleared up Little D’s congested nose within minutes.
  • Cold Sore – Clove killed it before it got big.
  • Burns – The Man got burned on the bbq and Lavendar helped the burn right away.
  • Bites – Lavendar stops the itch from insect bites.
  • Cyst – Melaluca stopped the pain of my ovarian cyst within a day.
  • Canker Sore – Wild Orange made it disappear.
  • Congestion – “Breathe” is a blend that helps us breathe better when we are congested.
  • Upset stomach – The stomach flu has been going around. This morning Little D was saying his tummy hurt. I put DigestZen (mixed with fractionated coconut oil in a roller ball) on his tummy. Several minutes later it stopped hurting. About an hour later it was hurting again. More oil and it stopped hurting. We went through it one more time and by noon he was better.
  • You know those things you get on the inside corner of your nose that hurt really bad? I don’t know if it is a zit or an ingrown hair, I just know it hurts. I have gotten one in the exact same place every two weeks for a few years. Every. Two. Weeks. For a few YEARS! Stupid female hormones. But recently I realized Melaluca is the answer. Once I feel it coming on, I put Melaluca on it and it goes away. I wish I discovered this along time ago!
  • Cough – Peppermint and Lemon mixed together stopped my cough for a few hours at a time.
  • Another cough success story: The Man was coughing a lot in his sleep one night. Around 3am I got up and put a few drops each of Lemon, OnGuard, Breathe and Peppermint in the diffuser and put it right next to his side of the bed. He didn’t cough again until around 5:30.
  • MUST! SLEEP! -Balance blend and Lavendar diffused at bedtime calms the boys right down and they fall asleep really fast.
  • Bags under eyes & Wrinkles – Immortelle is an anti-aging blend that I have been putting under my eyes. This year I seem to have aged with huge bags under my eyes. But since I started using this oil 3 days ago I look so much younger!

So I get the comments and the looks like I am stupid for using essential oils but I don’t care because they work. There are a few that I have tried that haven’t worked but more often than not I have had good results. I totally support my hippie oils.


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