Squeeze it in however you can



Getting my kids… And my husband… And myself to eat healthy is like climbing the Empire State Building with my teeth and pinky toes. (Hm. I’m not sure about that analogy but that’s what popped into my head). We love sweets and carbs and candy. We do not love to eat things with those pesky vitamins and minerals.

Well, a few years ago I decided to start mixing it up.

If the boys wanted Honey Nut Cheerios, I would mix them with regular Cheerios. Just a little to start, then I would gradually add more as they got used to it. Same thing with Cinnamon Chex (add regular Chex) or Frosted Flakes (add Corn Flakes.)

Green eggs and ham: To get the eggs green I blend them with spinach and mushrooms. Salt those babies and no one knows they are half veggies.

French Toast: Beat the eggs, put a teeny amount of milk in and add cinnamon. With the eggs loaded on the bread thick, they are kind of eating toast and eggs.

Spaghetti: Add equal parts of white noodles, wheat noodles, orange veggie noodles and spiralized zucchini (the zucchini is only cooked for 1 minute). When it is drenched in spaghetti sauce, no one can tell the difference. 

Spaghetti sauce: Purée mushrooms, spinach, peppers, carrots and whatever else is in my garden and add it to the sauce. It turns a disgusting brown color, so I add red food coloring to it. We also turn the lights down so they can’t totally see the color.

Spinach pancakes: Purée the dickens out of the spinach with some water and use that as the liquid for the pancakes. Add some vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate chips and it just looks like you are being festive.  

Zucchini lasagna: I used yellow and green zucchini’s. The boys were weirded out with the green but couldn’t tell that the yellows were in there. It tasted great! You could do all zucchini and no noodles, or half and half. Grind up some mushrooms and spinach in the sauce and you’re good to go!

There is also the technique where you fudge on the timing: Everyone is starving before dinner right? SO… I sometimes call them in just before it’s ready and say “dinner isn’t quite ready. Here, eat these veggies while you wait.” They are hungry so they usually do.

I just sneak in veggies as much as I can throughout the day so they aren’t completely vitamin deficient. If there is a way to sneak veggies into Oreos my life will be complete.


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