Leggings/ Tights/ Yoga Pants


Let me clear this up for anyone who is confused.


Leggings are an acceptable form of pants if you are working out. They are also acceptable if you are in the privacy of your own home.

Leggings are acceptable and often preferred under a skirt or very long sweater.

Leggings are NOT an acceptable form of pants under any other circumstance.


Tights should never EVER be worn as pants. I beg of you. Under a skirt? Absolutely. As pants? Never! No one except for creeps wants to see the nooks and crannies of your lower half. No one wants to see the Grand Canyon when you bend over and your pants are see-through and you have no underwear on (yes I had the unfortunate occasion of witnessing this blinding image.)


Yoga pants are perfectly acceptable if you are working out. They are also acceptable for lounging around your house. If they are loose fitting they can be worn for a quick errand or two. If they are tight, they are not acceptable anywhere else in the world.

So for the love of Pete please stop hurting my eyes! I don’t want to see the exact details of your body. Even if you have a perfectly sculpted backside, we don’t need to see it. I know that they are comfy and easy, but the only people who want to see someone in tight pants are guys who are not thinking respectfully about you and creeps. So do yourself a favor and respect your body, and do the rest of us a favor and stop wearing them. 

Leggings, tights and yoga pants are not real pants

End of story.


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