My own prayer experience



One thing about my blog is that it’s my safe place to put my thoughts. Good and bad. Today I’m writing about a bad that turned into a good.

I turn 36 in a month. 36!! You’d think after this many years I’d be pretty good at the praying thing. Well I have always wondered what the point is of praying for things if God is going to do what’s ‘meant to be’ anyway? If someone is sick we always hear “pray for them”. Well if God’s plan is that they need to be sick for whatever reason, then praying for them isn’t going to do any good. Of course in my prayers if someone is sick I pray for them to get better but I have never believed it would do any good. (I know this is terribly incriminating but its my truth.)

So yesterday my phone was toast. It would start to turn on but then turn off. On for 2 seconds… Off for 2 seconds. All. Morning. Long. I took it to the phone store and they said there was nothing to be done. So I looked on Q&A forums online and tried everything suggested. Nada. I was ready to give up and think about buying a new phone.

WELL!!!! Little D’s experience praying for his little blue dog really got me thinking. If Heavenly Father wanted to help his 4 year old son find a toy, he must also want to help his 35 year old daughter if she asked for something. So I said a prayer asking for help to know what to do to fix my phone.

The darndest thing happened. I had a feeling (Why do we say that? “I had a feeling.” It’s not just a ‘feeling’. It’s the spirit telling us what to do.) Anyway ‘I had a feeling’ to look at the forum one more time. I did and the coolest thing happened! I found another suggestion. BANG THE PHONE ON THE TABLE A FEW TIMES. What?! Seriously?! Well I had tried everything else so here goes nothing. THWACK! And … (insert choir angels singing ‘Aaahhh!’) it turned on! Totally fixed!

Heavenly Father is my dad. Dads help their kids. And if a kid sincerely asks for something they need help with and it’s in their best interest, I would bet that a loving father would help.

The next time someone says “pray for us” I’m going to. And not just “please help _______ feel better” because that’s all circumstantial. But “please help _______ to feel comforted. Please help _________’s kids to know that their mom is going to be ok. Please help the strangers they come in contact with to be kind and sympathetic to their feelings.” Things like that.

Those are things we can pray for because Heavenly Father WILL answer if we pray sincerely about it.

Lesson learned.

And by the way, how awesome is it that we have a dad who is an all knowing, all powerful king and loves every single one of his kids to the moon and back?! It’s really quite cool if you ask me.


One thought on “My own prayer experience

  1. I think that you just discussed a very important gospel principal, and one I know I need to work on with my own kids; and that is teaching them how to pray. Not just do it, but how to. And then to look for the answer everyday. Because you are right if we are asking for something we may not get the answer we want but the answer He is willing to give. It is better our prayers be for our benefit that we ask to see what lesson there is to be learned or to find comfort. Thanks so much for this little reminder. I love your blog!


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