Life is wonderful


I love my life. I have an awesome family, good friends, a house and land where we have room to play, new carpet that is like a giant fluffy pillow to walk on, a religion that helps me know who I am and what I need to do to get where I want to go. I have a healthy-ish body that lets me walk and dance and play and sing and laugh. I have everything I need to live comfortably.

But what I love the most are the boys I share my life with. How lucky am I that I get to spend every day with The Man, Buddy and Little D!? We have our share of fights and fits and arguing but we love each other and we like each other. We like to spend time together. We like to play and laugh and snuggle and just be.

There are really good goods and really bad bads, but we go through them together and that’s a good thing.

The Man is the bread to my butter, the hook on my line, the chocolate to my almonds, the salt to my ocean. He is my everything. He has been dealt a pretty lousy hand but he makes the best of it. All he wants in life is for his family to be happy.

He makes the boys and I so happy. He is the one who brings the happiness and silliness to our home. He does Squatch calls as he walks in from work, he makes up silly songs about all of us, he does little 80 year old man dance moves, he sings while he vacuums, he randomly does voices like Elmo and Piglet (in the picture above, the Lego he was playing with had a high pitched voice with an English accent and said “we must always watch out for evil firemen among us!”)

He also brings stability to our home. He is there when we need to talk, he calms us down when we are stressed, he adjusts his wants to make us comfortable, he works hard, he loves us, he sends me to play volleyball because he knows I love it. He is my perfect match. Of course we fight and get on each others nerves and do things the other doesn’t like, but we are happy. We love each other. We have fun. We have our own quirky things and our inside jokes. He has massive amounts of stress every day but manages to keep his family going in the process. I love him more than I love volleyball and chocolate. That’s a lot.

Here’s hoping this little family of 4 has a lot more years together.


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