I have memorized the ceiling fan.



Ew… The ceiling looks gross, but it’s a night picture so the flash freaked out the coloring.

Yep. This is it. This has been my view for 13 days. Of course I get up and do other things but for the most part it’s this. All. Day. Long.

Before “going under the knife” people would ask me: “you WANT to have surgery?!” I would answer with #1 – Yes, I would like to stop hurting every 2 weeks and also when I have a giant cyst, thanks for asking. #2 – I am so looking forward to checking out for a bit. Not having to intervene with two strong headed boys, wipe snotty noses, laundry, dishes and everything else that has to be done. I’m tired and I need a break.

The response (verbal and face expression) that I would get was: “You have obviously never had surgery before.” Well, I had a c-section so I kind of have. They would say how it’s not all rest and happiness. Obviously. It’s surgery. But at least I can be glad for a break. Time for me to watch the movies I want. The kind with grownups and real non-animated people. Time to read books. Time to catch up on 9 years of sleep. Yes, I was looking forward to surgery.

It has been WONDERFUL! I have gotten tons of sleep. I have watched a bunch of episodes of Chopped. I’m in season 3 of Drop Dead Diva (oh my, I love that show). I have gotten some good reading in. I have worked on my online pictures. I have transferred all my blog posts over to this new one. It has really been great.

I’m sad it’s almost time to get back to real life, but I really miss my family. I miss playing with the boys and gardening with The Man. I miss baking them cookies. I miss snuggling with the boys in their beds at night. I miss greeting The Man at the door after work. I miss my life.

So I had a goal to get that wretched uterus that was causing so many problems out and rest up, and I did just that. I was lazy and I let everyone else do the work for 2 weeks. Tomorrow, my other half goes back to work. (Inserting a very, very sad face here.) He has been a dear and took the last 2 weeks off. I’m sad my break is over, but I’ll keep taking it slow until I heal and in a couple more weeks and I’ll be good as new.

Here’s to happy healing! 🙋


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