My 2 horizontal weeks



So I had a hysterectomy. Ouch. The first few days were rough. I don’t think I have ever hurt that bad before. I think it even hurt worse than when I broke my tailbone delivering my first baby. But what also hurts is that my husband is leaps and bounds better at running the household than I am. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 8 years. You’d think I’d be pretty dang good at it. WRONG! Laying in my bed listening to how The Man interacts with the boys and takes care of everything is quite remarkable. I have actually been taking notes. No joke. There hasn’t been any yelling or fighting since he has been in charge. He treats them like fun little kids, without bossing them. That’s my problem. There is always so much to do that I don’t do enough of the fun stuff. I boss them. Being a bystander…(by-layer?) in my own house has helped me to see the right way (his) and the wrong way (mine) of raising kids. Wake up call!

Yesterday I got up for a little bit. I told the boys to turn off the Xbox and it turned into a fight. The first fight in a week and I’m the one who caused it.

Today I have been feeling guilty. The Man has been taking care of boys, cleaning the house, planting flowers, he took Little D to preschool graduation and the cat to the vet, and he got on the computer and did some work… And I’m feeling really guilty.

So I thought I would be helpful and have the boys do some chores while The Man was mowing the lawn. Holy fits! Little D was fine but Buddy threw a tantrum! They started talking about how I never do chores and they have to do everything. I’m not even consistent having them do their chores so once a week is child abuse in their minds.

I asked them to do TWO things. Pick up the toys off the living room floor and unload the dishwasher. It’s not exactly a slave camp over here. Fits, fits, fits. I wanted to be helpful but I am not supposed to carry the laundry basket up the stairs. I asked Buddy to help. More fits. Fine, I’ll do it my dang self! So Little D and I each took a side of the basket and hauled it up.

  1. Boy was that a mistake. My tummy is crampy and I got a talkin to by the man running this house. He wants me to rest and take care of myself. He just loves me too much. ❤️

I wanted to help but the 2 times I have tried it has come back to bite me in the backside. I’ll let The Man keep control of the house. Back to bed.


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