Grass sledding



I had a dream. It was like a music video and the song was So Happy Together. I was riding on my tummy on a sled type thing through fields and fields of growing grass. It started with tiny little barely growing grass, then with every measure of the song the grass got taller.

I was having so much fun! Don’t you love those types of dreams? Don’t you want to act like that when you are awake? I would love to, but I never do.

How would it be to be like a kid. Have fun. Be silly. Sled through a field of growing grass like a music video. Where did all the fun go? I know I lost it. I’m bringing fun back (you know you just thought about shaking your hips and singing I’m Bringing Fun Back in the tune of Justin Timberlake’s song). Who’s with me? Forget the laundry and dishes for an hour… Let’s go play with the kids. PLAY. Not supervise. Ready, GO!


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