The Prize Winner…


One of the many movies I have watched this week while I have been confined to my bed was


What an incredible movie. (Of course there was more unnecessary language in there than I like to hear though.)

It was focused on the mother and her positive attitude through her husband’s bad decisions, but what hit me about this movie was the father.

What a hard job it must be to be a dad. This dad worked hard but he couldn’t pay the bills. He drank away his stress and he got mean when he drank. But then the movie showed the kind and loving man he was too.  It showed the moments like these, where he was present in his family’s lives and showed them he cared.


Being responsible for a family with TEN KIDS has got to be an overwhelming job every second of the day.

I sometimes think that guys don’t understand how hard it is to be a mom. We always have a juggling act going on in our heads. Scheduling appointments, what do the kids need to take to school today, how do I be more patient with the kids, laundry, dishes, keeping everyone fed, volunteering, should I pay the bills now or when they are due, church responsibilities, making sure the kids have happy little lives, etc.

But this movie shot me back down to reality. Yes, being a mom is hard. We don’t sit around and watch TV all day. We do a lot to keep the family happy and healthy and keep the household running smoothly. But the dad’s are the ones generally responsible for our livelihood. They always worry about the family and if everyone is happy, healthy and fed. If they don’t bring home enough money things are rough, and that’s on their head. What a huge responsibility.

Not only that, a lot of times dads are in the background. The mom and kids are close, they have fun, they are together throughout the day. The dad comes home at night and sees the family for a couple of hours. It seems to me like dads can feel like a stranger in their own home. I don’t know, maybe.

I am so glad I saw this movie. It gave me a greater appreciation for the stresses of being a dad, and it made me love my man that much more.

I highly recommend seeing it.


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