A prayer for a Tuesday


Buddy said the cutest prayer ever tonight.

He really thought about what he was saying. He said several things he was thankful for, then he asked for blessings he genuinely wanted.

He was thankful that it was around the time when we get to celebrate his baptism. He didn’t mention his birthday, which is what I would have expected from an almost 8 year old.  Instead he is happy about his baptism.

He asked for all of our tummies to feel better, (because we have all been feeling a little sick.)

He asked god to bless the sick and the homeless that they can have money and be able to spend a little time around their families.

*Be still my heart. How sweet that this little guy wants homeless people to be with their families?*

After his prayer I told him that when we ask for blessings, we need to do what we can, instead of just asking god for help and doing nothing about it. We talked about taking food to the food bank. He said “how many hamburgers would it take to feed all the homeless people?” I told him we couldn’t feed ALL of them but we always do what we can.

Another sweet thing he did this week:

I dropped Buddy off at the front doors for school because we were almost going to be late. He ran ahead of everyone that was going towards the doors, opened the door and held it for all of them to get in, and he went in last. He hates being late, but he wanted to be polite. Love him.


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