Rewarding day


When the boys do cute or funny things I write it down and put it in a book.  They have hundreds of pages of cuteness. This was what I wrote down at the park today.

The boys were making pizza, ice cream and slushies for their customers. Little D went to Buddy’s pizza shop and wanted an ice cream flavored pizza. Buddy said “there’s a medicine kind, but that’s for the super sick and I don’t think you want that kind.” He turned a dial from the play ground and said Little D was 86% sick so he got the medicine pizza for him. He said “Its really gross. Even the pizza mayor thinks this is disgusting.” Then he asked “Do you want it extra hot, just hot, or cold?” Little D said “cold” so Buddy got the imaginary pizza out of the freezer and held it in his mouth while he went down the ladder. Little D paid him in diamonds and his change was a handful of gold (wood chips).

My 6 decker slushy cost 60 cents. I got $300 in change.

I was sitting on the swing pretending I was in a wheelchair. Buddy said “well I might as well go cut down my robot.” He gave me his robot’s legs. Then he said he has a bunch of cans of spray paint and I could choose whatever color I wanted for my legs.

Little D always makes sounds when he plays. The ice cream machine sounds, the putting-the-sprinkles-on-the-top sounds, the putting-the-money-away sounds, etc. He’s so funny.

Buddy just said: “Bro! Come on! I have two bologna hamburgers! Let’s eat lunch!”

I told them I needed to sit down and rest but pretty soon the doctor would fix me up and I’ll feel better. Buddy sat down by me and said “Are you pretty worried about it?” I told him I wasn’t at all. He is such a sweet caring boy.

I still wasn’t feeling well so I laid down on the grass and Buddy came over and said “are you ok?” I said “yes.” He rubbed my forehead and said “ok” then went back to playing x-men.

Little D yelled for me to push him on the swing. Buddy ran over to him saying “I’ll do it.” He has been so sweet to me while my tummy hurts.


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