Have you ever had those days when you realize your kids are spoiled? I had that day today. The whining and the tantrums when it was time to do chores we’re really obnoxious.

They wanted movie night tonight. I told them they had 30 minutes to do their chores, or they would not have pizza and a movie tonight. They really wanted it, so Buddy got right on it and got his chores done.

Little D on other hand… One of his jobs is to sweep. He threw a fit for probably 15 minutes. I kept calm and I said “sweep it into a pile”. More fits. Sweep it into a pile. More fits. Sweep it into a pile… When he finally realized I wasn’t going to give in, he viciously swept it into a little pile. Then he held the dustpan for me to sweep it in. When he went to throw it in the garbage, he literally threw it at the garbage. Everything but the yellow dust pan went flying.

I picked up the broom, gave it to him and said “do it again.” He threw a fit. I said do it again. He threw a fit. This went on for a very long time. It would have gone on longer I’m sure, but the timer was ticking away. We eventually got the floor swept. It was not a very thorough job but it got done.

Chores are something I want to have on a daily no-fit basis, but I’ll have to be consistent if I want that miracle to happen.

The problem is, whatever chores they don’t do, The Man and I have to do. I’m tired and I want help. So I will try my darndest to get them to help. No more spoiled kids in this house.

Now on to the rest of my chores.  *sigh*


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