Get a pad and jump



I went to a shrink yesterday. Yes. A phycologists. No, I’m not depressed or suicidal or on the verge of a divorce. I just wanted advice. I hate that therapists have such a negative thing attached to them. She is my life coach. If I have a question and don’t know how to handle it, I make an appointment and she tells me what to do. She has tons of education and experience and knows how NOT to screw a child up, so why wouldn’t I want help from someone like that?

I went to her yesterday because Little D has been a hellian! The Man and I had tried what we knew to do but Little D was still so awful. So… I called my life coach.

She gave me great advice and told me why she thinks he’s acting out and the psychology behind it. That kind of thing is fascinating to me so I love hearing what she has to say. Basically the kid needs more attention. Just being in the same room with me isn’t cutting it. He needs hugs and tickles. He needs me to play Legos and jump on the trampoline WITH him. Not just watch. My goal in life is to not screw my kids up, so today I was brave and jumped on the trampoline with him. I don’t like to because it gives me a headache and I end up with wetter pants than I started with (the joys of having babies), but it’s best for the kid.

So my advice to you: Get a pad and go jump. So what if you pee. Your kid will feel loved and that’s worth a mid-day wardrobe change.

And the next time something happens and I don’t know how to handle it, I’ll call her again.


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