Just some thoughts for a Thursday



I used to be really pretty and active and fun and involved and silly. But then I grew up. And I grew out. And I became more tired, busy and stressed. Now those things that used to define me no longer do. Since I was happy I thought “I’m good. I don’t need to be anything else.” That way of thinking was detrimental to the adult I became. I wish in my younger years I was more concerned about education, spirituality and finding out who I was in a big, overwhelming world. I wish I cared more about others than myself. Now that I’m grown up I have to learn all the things I didn’t in my previous years. 
My sweet young friend interviewed me for a class project yesterday. My advice to her was: Be the type of person you would want to marry. If something is important to you in a spouse, work on growing that part of you and you’ll probably turn out who you want to be. Live and learn.


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