I have something to say. I took the boys swimming today. At first I was self conscious in my swimsuit. But then I realized I was being an idiot. 
WHO CARES if I have a jelly belly that carried 2 perfect boys for 8 1/2 months each. WHO CARES if I have 2 or 3 chins. WHO CARES if I wear size (????) pants. I am a good person and I have cool hair. I am a good mom and I play with my kids. I exercise and play volleyball and I have a good life. 
According to the “ideal body weight” calculator, I am overweight. I obviously have my share of flub, but I don’t feel overweight. I feel like an average, regular sized girl who can do anything that “average weight” girls can do. 
Every body is different. We are all different shapes, sizes and colors. Don’t let anyone (or any weight calculator) make you feel less than you are just because you are carrying a few more pounds than the “ideal” weight. 
Whether you are tall, short, overweight, blue, purple or triangle… Love who you are. Some of the most beautiful and likeable girls I know aren’t thin.


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