It’s a brain tumor


The very basic story is that The Man had been getting terrible headaches and blacking out. He got a CT scan that showed a little dot. Doc said it’s probably nothing but if you are worried to get an MRI. He got an MRI and it showed a tumor. A Pituitary Adenoma. Surgery was scheduled immediately. We were terrified.

Update after surgery #1: The brain tumor was successfully removed. His CSF (brain fluid) has been leaking so the neurosurgeon had to put a catheter in his spine to drain some of the fluid off his brain. He is in a lot of pain but handling it very well. He will have to be in the hospital at least another 6 days to see if his brain can repair itself. If it can’t then he’ll need surgery #2.

Update #2: Doc expects a full recovery. Tumor is most likely not cancer but the test hasn’t come back yet. Once they patch the leak he will be back to normal. They had to slice his nose open and get to his brain through his nose so it’s going to be pretty sore for quite a while, but other than that he should be good to go. He’ll just need a few weeks of resting.


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