Little D



If you don’t like blood and birth details… SKIP THIS POST!!

Here is the belly, 4 feet around, at 36 weeks.


*Monday, December 27, 2010*
*37 weeks*

All weekend I had been feeling pretty lousy: Cramping, nauseous, etc. On Monday my stomach was really cramping. I wasn’t having regular contractions, but just a constant cramp. It was just a regular day of playing trains, checkers, go fish, and everything else we do with our day. Around 8:00pm when The Man was putting Buddy to bed, I decided I had better pack our hospital bags, since we were scheduled to go in for a C-Section on Wednesday the 29th. I had most of it packed and was going to get a blanket out of the bottom drawer in the baby’s room. When I reached for the drawer my water broke. I felt and heard a huge pop like a water balloon popping inside of me. I was pretty sure that it was my water breaking, but not 100% sure. I told The Man what had happened and then I called my 24 hour nurse line to see if it could have been anything else. She told me to call my doctor. I did and my doctor told me that if the water doesn’t stop then to go to the hospital. Well by the time Buddy fell asleep it still hadn’t stopped so we called The Man’s mom to come over and be with Buddy. The contractions started coming and the cramps started getting worse but I wasn’t miserable. Our house was a disaster so we were both trying to pick up things and clean the kitchen and stuff until Sherry came over. She got to our house and we moseyed on over to the hospital. We checked in around 9:30ish and got all hooked up to the monitors. The nurse checked and I was dilated to a 6.5. I guess I was in labor all day and didn’t know it! So she asked if I had long labors and I told her we were scheduled for a C-Section on Wednesday. She said “well that changes things” and she started moving a little faster. She left the room to get the other nurse who would get my IV. She said that since I was already dilated to a 6.5 and it was going to be a C-Section that we needed to hurry cause the baby was coming.

Here we are waiting for the doctor to show up to take me in and slice me open.


And here is The Man in his space suit ready to go to the operating room.


I started getting real nervous about this point. I had never been in surgery before and I was really scared that I would feel it and be weirded out about my insides being opened up. The Man was really great and helped me calm down and told me it would be ok. The anesthesiologist let him stay with me while I got the needle in my back (for whatever reason they usually don’t let the husband stay in the room for that part). They laid me down on the operating table and I started getting really numb. While we were waiting for the numbing to work all the way through the doctors were talking about random stuff, including a new TV show called Pawn Wars or something. The assisting doctor asked if we knew if the baby was a boy or girl and we told him it was a boy. He asked if we picked out a name and we told him we were naming him Little D. He said “Finally! A normal name!”

About that time I was feeling really numb. I was going to tell the doctor to not tell me when they started and not to give me any information on what they were doing, but I hadn’t yet. I felt a little movement on my stomach and I assumed it was just them rubbing my belly down to clean it or whatever. I saw The Man start taking pictures but I didn’t think anything of it. Then the doctor said “he has white hair!”

I had no idea I was even cut open. I had heard that I would feel an “unzipping” feeling when they cut, but I didn’t get that. I was pretty glad about that. That would have given me the willies for sure!

Here is Little D’s arrival into this crazy world.




The Man went with Little D to get cleaned and weighed while I got stitched up. The doctors were still talking about Pawn Wars and I was a little concerned that they weren’t paying attention to what they were doing but they did a great job.

Little D is a sweet little baby and we are so happy to have this perfect little angel as part of our family.


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