Life is life


We are going to have a little baby in just about a month! Baby D was originally due January 13th, then he was measuring so big that his due date was moved up a week and now it’s moved up another week! We are planning on having a c-section scheduled for the end of December. I know, some of you are thinking “you are CHOOSING a c-section?!” Well, yes we are. There is a good possibility of breaking my tailbone again with this baby and I am NOT going to take that chance. A 6ish week c-section recovery sounds a whole lot better than the years it took to “recover” from breaking the tailbone. Plus he can be out that much sooner.


I feel so bad for The Man and Buddy though. They have really taken a beating with this pregnancy. Buddy has gotten pretty good at picking up things that I drop and being patient while I waddle places oh-so-slowly. The poor kid can’t wait for me to be able to play with him again. The other day I said something about “after baby D comes…” and Buddy said “…you can run!?” It has really changed for him because I used to always hold him and wrestle and crawl around chasing him and stuff, and I can’t even think about doing that stuff now. He is such a sweet little patient boy (who currently has a sinus infection) and I just wonder how I could possibly love another little guy as much as I love him. I know I will, but it’s hard to think that I could love someone the same.


The Man gets the man of the year award. He is amazing. I am NOT a pleasant pregnant person to be around. I’ll admit it. Since I hurt all the time, I gripe all the time. I breathe loud. I waddle and that’s always so attractive. I put on way too much weight. I can’t stop eating. I make all sorts of “I’m in pain” sounds when I stand up. I hog all the pillows on the bed. I am tired all the time so I don’t cook or clean like I should. Did I mention I complain ALL the time? I do. I try to put on a happy face and say that everything is ok, but really it’s not and The Man takes the wrath of my misery the minute he steps in the door.


So, that is that in a nutshell.


Some happy news is that we love our new house! We haven’t bought it. We are doing a lease to own thing. We wanted to rent it for a few months to make sure that everything works and stuff, and then we will buy it (most likely). It’s a cute little place. Well, it’s nothing fancy but for us it’s a cute house. It’s 2200 sq feet and has 5 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces and big yard and it’s in a great part of a great town! We LOVE our ward and our neighbors are great! I’m proud to say that I bought curtains for my first time and they look really good! One of these days I’ll take pictures and post them, but today is not that day. But it is really starting to feel like home. It took a lot of cleaning up and there were a few repairs that had to happen before we could be here comfortably, but The Man has done a great job of getting it all fixed up and now it’s great. It’s nice.


Another bit of happy news is that The Man loves his job. Yay! He misses being in the courtroom and stuff, but he really loves where he is at now and this change was definately what we needed to do. He is excelling and being recognized and is going to run that company one day. I’m very proud of him and I appreciate him so much.


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