It’s A Boy!!


IT’S A BOY! We are way too excited about it. I have always wanted to have a family full of boys and it’s happening!

I can’t say the pregnancy is fabulous. I am not one of those people that love being pregnant and have the “pregnancy glow” and all that stuff. Nope. I’m sick the first 3 months, and the minute my morning sickness goes away my joints start popping and grinding, my back starts hurting, my face breaks out and my ligaments ache. Oh and my tummy sticks out way further than it should. This all happened with the last pregnancy too. Hopefully with this baby the last trimester won’t be as awful as before. I was gigantic. My midsection was 4 feet around. Strangers at the store would say “you look like you’re ready to pop!” and “are you sure there’s only one baby in there?!” My leg muscles wouldn’t work in the middle of the night so when it was time to head to the bathroom every hour, The Man would have to push me out of bed and I’d have to hold on to the wall and inch my toes to scoot my feet across the floor until my legs would work. There are LOTS more things that I hated about pregnancy, but I’ll spare you all the details.

The best part about being pregnant with Buddy was labor and delivery. I didn’t go into the painful labor at first. The Man and I were either watching ‘Angel’ or playing Tetris, I’m not sure which one, and my water broke. We got checked in to the hospital and a while later I got my epidural and it all just kind of happened. Fairly painless… until the nurse tried 5 TIMES to put the needle SLOWLY in the back of my hand and had to get someone else to do it. Then there was the pushing and out comes the baby and it was just a pleasant experience…. until the epidural wore off and I realized I broke my tailbone. Then the nurse couldn’t get the drugs to scan into her computer so she wouldn’t give me a pain pill until she scanned it. It took forever! Not fun.

SO… I hope the rest of this pregnancy goes a little more smooth than the last one, but so far it’s not looking that way.

Buddy is going to be the best big brother. He loves babies. He loves for me to lift my shirt up over my belly so he can hug and kiss the baby.

Here’s a funny story… Buddy knows that when you eat food, it goes through your mouth and down to your tummy. One day he wanted to see the baby so he pulled my head down towards him and said “open your mouth and say ‘ah’. I want to see the baby.” And he put his eyeball right up to my mouth to try and look at the baby in my tummy. I love that boy.

Anyway, we are just so excited and can’t wait to hold this little guy in January. If he is anything like Buddy, then I’ll be a happy mom.


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