The one thing I despise about Arizona is the cockroaches. I LOATHE them. I can’t get myself to squish them or catch them with a tissue, so here is the preferred method:

Step #1 – Contain the beast. Keep him under the cup until he dies


Step #2 – Ever so carefully slide a paper under the cup so you don’t have to touch him.

Step #3 – Slide a book under the paper. This way when you put your hand under the paper a wrinkle doesn’t form for the beast to slide out of. Also with a book under, you won’t feel the little pitter-patter of his feet if he’s still alive.


Step #4 – Take the book and the cup and send the nasty thing on a trip down the porcelain express.

While we’re on the subject… yesterday was a terrible day. Buddy woke up way too early in the morning and we were both exhausted. So when it was time for naps, I went to get Buddy’s bed ready. I lifted up the blanket and I saw a cockroach walking around in his bed. IN his bed! It was so disgusting. I flipped the beast off the sheet and put a cup over him. I washed every possible thing on that bed and didn’t put Buddy down for his nap that day. I hate cockroaches.


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