What is it about Thomas the Train that little boys are so drawn to? Buddy is completely obsessed with Thomas (Momass – With the emphasis on the last syllable) these days. He never knew about Thomas until our road trip to Utah. There was no way we were going to make a 12 hour drive without a DVD player (lesson learned from the last trip). So the night before we were to leave we went to the store to get a DVD player and then to the library to get some movies (p.s. Library movies are no good. They all skip). We thought Thomas the Train would be a cute little movie for Buddy to watch as we drive for hours on end to the freezing cold land of Utah. Mistake. First of all, it skipped half way through. And second, that is all we hear about now. Momass. Momass. Momass. And now here I sit in my comfy recliner listening to the boys upstairs: Buddy saying “Momass” for about the 75th time (I am not even exagerating. It is like a record skipping up there) and The Man telling bedtime stories…”toot toot.”

So in 2 weeks we return our Thomas movie from the library and after that we will be down to one Thomas book. I have a feeling we are going to need a lot more Thomas paraphenalia.

Dear Santa…


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