Chocolate chips and diaper changes



Kids hate getting diaper changes. But why? Doesn’t it feel better to have a clean, dry diaper on? And you would think the messier the diaper, the more the kid would want it changed? Well with Buddy, the messier the diaper, the bigger the tantrum (sometimes. Not always). We have tried time-outs, using stern voices, holding him down and whatever else, but sometimes the diaper change fits get out of hand and the poop hits the fan (ok, the floor. Gross.)

We decided to start using the ‘if you’re a good boy getting your diaper changed, you get a candy’ trick. The ‘candy’ is just a teeny little chocolate chip, but it has worked wonders! So far we have had nothing but easy diaper changes. We will tell Buddy it is time to change his diaper and he will lay down in front of us, hold up his legs and wait! Thank you Tollhouse!


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